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  1. Let's build an accordion with plain HTML and CSS

    This article is about how to build an accordion element with plain HTML and CSS. There will be no JavaScript, I promise. I'll explain why you should use semantic HTML and how to customize it with CSS.

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  2. Introducing Indiepen: A privacy-friendly tool to embed HTML, CSS & JS code examples

    Indiepen is our first open-source project to embed HTML, CSS & JS code examples on a website. We ship less than 20 KB, we don’t set any cookies or tracking, and, most importantly, we develop inclusive features for everyone.

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  3. Server-side rendering (SSR) with Netlify

    The easiest way to create a web server: A redirect rule and a simple Netlify function. This enables us to render content dynamically, transform data or handle backend-to-backend communication.

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  4. Quick Tip: First Letter Selector in CSS

    The first-letter pseudo-selector in CSS allows you to create an accessible and decorative initial letter without wrapping the first character into a span element. I prepared a code example and two possible solutions to demonstrate when it makes sense to use the first-letter pseudo-selector.

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  5. Simple Dark Mode Toggle with CSS and JS

    Dark mode is not a hot topic anymore, but I was still interested in understanding the mechanic behind a dark mode. My goal was to create an easy solution with pure CSS and JS. Not only should my dark mode respect the system preference, but it should also provide a toggle to switch between the light and dark mode as well as persist the choice somehow.

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  6. Why should I use a UI library?

    In this post, I want to point out what advantages you can gain from an open-source UI library and how it can make your life easier.

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  7. Why we don’t use Google Analytics anymore

    Do you really need Google Analytics for your website? We used it, and we switched to another tool because we want to respect the privacy of our visitors, sell fewer data to one of the biggest companies in the world, and improve the usability of our blog.

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  8. Modern text decoration with CSS box-decoration-break

    The CSS property box-decoration-break lets us decorate multi-line text. With that, in combination with gradients, box shadows, or borders, we can create fancy highlight effects.

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  9. Collaborative UI Development

    This guide will help frontend engineers and people from the UI community to develop a common understanding of collaboration and why this particular skill can improve the process of software development and product design in your company.

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  10. Continuous Integration With Netlify Build Plugins

    With Netlify's new build plugins, we can hook into their build pipeline and do fancy stuff like a simple continuous integration for every pull request.

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