Introducing Indiepen: A privacy-friendly tool to embed HTML, CSS & JS code examples

When André and I launched this blog last year, we always wanted to create a simple, performant, and accessible tech blog. We live in Europe so we have to deal with cookie law banners, privacy policies or other legal details. It was clear to us, that cookie law banners are super annoying and we wanted to do everything we can to avoid such a bad experience. On the other hand, we also wanted to have a lively blog with cool integrations such as showing code examples directly on our blog. Sadly, many existing solutions set cookies, have a ton of features or just a bad performance so we had to come up with our solution.

Demo #

Let me introduce Indiepen: A privacy-friendly tool to embed HTML, CSS, and JS code examples.

With Indiepen, you generate a code snippet and integrate it on your website. Indiepen takes care of fetching the HTML, CSS, and JS files and providing a shiny preview of the code example. The cool thing: Indiepen is not a hosting platform, instead, you provide an URL of your code example, and Indiepen does the rest. You can host your code examples with every hosting provider!

If you want to learn more, check out the getting started guide.

At a glance #

No one likes to read wordy articles, so here are the features at a glance:

Open source #

Indiepen is our first open-source project, and we are super excited to share our ideas of a fast, fair, and transparent web with you. We can’t wait to hear your feedback! Feel free to check out our code on GitHub, open an issue or create a pull request. We built Indiepen because we wanted to embed code examples on our blog, but now it’s time to see what you do with our little project.

That’s it for today. Get in touch with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Cheers ✌️